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We know that if you do a quick search online you’ll be able to find plenty of makeup tips that will be sure to give you great advice. So you’re probably wondering how that makes our advice any different. Well we went straight to the best and biggest sources in the industry and asked them what they think about makeup. We’ve gathered a few makeup tips for you that are straight from the makeup artists themselves. We hope these tips will make a difference in your makeup routine!

1) It’s all about the brushes

Rebecca Prior, a makeup artist and teacher at one of Hollywood’s largest makeup academies spills about makeup brushes. She teaches her students that brushes are critical to creating a look. In her words “tools and products are equally as important as the makeup skills that you have,”. Even if you don’t have the best makeup skills, your makeup can look amazing just by applying it with a good set of brushes. According to her, here are 8 brushes you must have in your makeup box.

1. Foundation brush
2. Concealer brush
3. Fluffy powder brush
4. Blush brush
5. Small blending brush
6. Flat eyeshadow brush
7. Precision angle brush
8. Lip brush

2) Shape Your Face

You could apply layers upon layers of makeup but if you’re not doing it effectively you won’t get the results you want. Learn to contour and highlight according to the shape your individual face and features. Since every face is different we can’t give you a one size fits all guide for contouring and highlighting but know that it’s the only way you can significantly change the way you look with makeup. We recommend watching makeup tutorials online to get a better understanding of the process.

3) Make Your Eyes Pop

Your eyes are arguably the most important feature on your face. They’re certainly the most expressive and you can do wonders for your appearance by highlighting them correctly. Learn to make your eyes stand out by defining them and giving them shape. Just like faces every set of eyes are shaped differently and it’s up to you to determine what works best for your own eyes.

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